Irpino / Management School

Year 2017
Client Municipality of Ariano Irpino
Budget 8 M €
Surface 5400 m² GFA
Programme Hotel Management School
Phase Competition
Ariano Irpino / Hotel Management School
The urban environment is an ecosystem made of equilibriums, memories and relationships that are created slowly and lasting over time. With the demolition of the hotel that occupied the site in its entirety, the system of public spaces located along the Traiana Street of Ariano Irpino has enriched a panoramic viewpoint that reveals the passage of boundless valleys and the remains of the Norman Castle. Therefore, instead of adding elements to the context, our project proceeds by successive subtractions: define the voids that generate the volumes and empty the latter inside until they become permeable.

The school program is enclosed in a compact volume and, with the aim of promoting the school / city interaction, the ground floor is made completely transparent. A large internal staircase connects the two entrance levels of the new Institute and becomes part of a vertical promenade that leads visitors through the school, and up till the panoramic roof. To increase their flexibility, all indoor spaces, including those in circulation, have been designed to accommodate more than one program.

Objective sustainability criteria are added to those of a durability in the broad sense, such as beauty, the quality of natural light, the relationship with the context and the proportion of spaces. Thus, they create buildings capable of lasting over time, and go beyond their own function.