Charleroi / 5th Element

Year 2018 - 2023
Client La Sambrienne, LAN
Budget 27.2 M €
Surface 22 720 m² GFA
Programme 50 dwellings + 9500 m² offices and retails
Phase Competition / On going
Charleroi / 5th Element
Located at place de l'Ancienne Garenne, at the northern limit of the city of Charleroi, between the Parc Forestier and the district of the three Grands Palais, the project aims to complete the system of public spaces of the city with the creation of a large square around which small towers are organized.

Organized in a concentric way, the alternation of a series of green spaces generates a series of unexpected places.

In this horizontal system, seven vertical architectures, are articulated around the central square, to free the ground. The scale of the building adapts to the scale of the city and the one of the metropolises: while they are low close to the existing fabric, buildings increase their height as far as they increase the distance from the city center, becoming the first urban signal, for those who approach the city from the Ring.

The transparency between the buildings offers visual breakthroughs between the city and the metropolis.

One material, the brick, federates all the buildings and gives unity to the operation. It is then declined in slightly different shades by making each building unique.

Underneath the appearance of each building, open-air vertical circulations overlook common terraces allowing everyone to admire the urban landscape from different heights.