Montreuil / Rue Coli

Year 2019 - 2023
Client ED
Budget 1.85 M €
Surface 850 m² GFA
Programme 15 dwellings
Phase On going / DET / Construction 
Montreuil / Rue Coli
The long and narrow plot is set in the pavilion context of the Theophile-Sueur district. The particular attention to urban integration and the relationship with the surrounding environment are aimed at maximizing visual transparency from the neighbouring plots and regaining the scale of the pavilion fabric while remaining in a typology of multiples.

The project aims to feed the debate on the scale of suburban fabrics in search of a new identity following the expansion of the city of Paris towards Greater Paris. The fate of the pavilion typology follows the course of urban evolutions gently gives way to collective housing.

Our answer is to pause in this development and add a step to it. The main objective of the project was to find an intermediate stage between the scale of the pavilion and that of the collective building.

Around this question everything revolves.

In this new logic, each dwelling benefits from the advantages of public housing and those of the detached house. The 15 dwellings that make up the operation all benefit from outdoor gardens in the groundfloor.