Naples / 71 Dwellings

Year 2016
Client Vigliena Nuova s.r.l
Budget 7 M €
Surface 6700 m² GFA
Programme 71 dwellings
Phase ESQ
Naples / 71 Dwellings
The project for 71 apartments in Vigliena is part of an urban regeneration program, of the industrial district of San Giovanni in Teduccio, in the eastern suburbs of Naples.

The site has an area of 4000 m², currently occupied by the PAV factories, which until 1972 were specialized in the production of traditional Neapolitan concrete slab tiles.

The project is based on the question of urban integration in a rapidly changing neighborhood: on the one hand, the search for a dialogue with the existing buildings that dominates the neighborhood; on the other hand, the desire to draw an emblematic object capable of giving a domestic scale by revealing the characteristic elements of the place.

The Semiotic of a collective building is inevitably tied to the window and balcony. Former, a symbol of the domestic dimension. Later, unnatural extension of living towards the outside. Through a process of abstraction, we have decided to recast and represent the idea of this collective life, by introducing rhythm, unity, external spaces, home scale and the link to the climate of the place. These aspects have been re-composed in such a way that each one of them participates in the creation of a unified and emblematic image.

The four facades are entirely covered with perforated aluminium panels. Inside, each of the 71 apartments, regardless of its size, benefits, from a large terrace on the size of, at least one fifth of the useful interior surface. The rhythm in the facade is created by the alternate layering of fixed and sliding panels, which have been designed and developed with recurring motifs of the concrete tiles produced by the existing PAV.