Paris / Avenue Rene Coty

Year 2017
Client Mega Int.
Budget 3.7 M €
Surface 1624 m² GFA
Programme Offices
Phase ESQ / APS
Paris / Avenue Rene Coty
The project for the extension of the Mega headquarters will be created alongside one of the most iconic works by architect Christian Hauvette. This building, made of concrete and steel with large windows that punctuate the facades, is inspired by Hausmannian principles, and emphasizes the triangular shape of the lot.

Our proposal takes up and reinterprets the geometries of the Hauvette building. The floors on the facade are grouped two by two, to distort the scale of the intervention. Large double-height loggias punctuate the silent facades, while on the top floor, glazed facades move back from the alignment on the street and leave space for a terrace that runs along the sides of the building.

Inside, the offices are organized around 5 double-height rooms that can be used for different purposes: meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, private areas or places to relax. Visible from inside and outside, these spaces will be the showcase of the company's activity.

The image of the building is created by the superimposition of two facades, which fulfill complementary needs between them. On the outside, double-height perforated aluminum panels act as sun protection. Inside, a glazed facade satisfies thermal needs and maximizes the supply of natural light.

During the day, tones and colors of the surrounding environment are reflected on the anodized aluminum facades, predominating on the perforations of the panels and varying the image over the course of the day and giving the building a monolithic image. At night the reflections leave the room for transparency: the high percentage of perforations on the panels makes the facade permeable and transparent. The internal life is thus revealed on the outside, revealing the character and structure of the building.