15 social housing units — Montreuil


The collective housing units on Rue Coli are located in the eastern part of Montreuil, within a quiet and residential area. The project proposes an intermediate step between the scale of individual houses and that of collective buildings, while harmoniously integrating with the surroundings. The 15 units are distributed in 4 small-scale blocks punctuated by their own gardens; their volumes are concealed with a facade treatment, where the first and second floors are treated as a single level.

All units benefit from a double orientation. The materials used for the facade construction are bio-sourced and geo-sourced (thermally-treated poplar and bricks) with discreet colors, and the building insulation is made of wood fiber. An underground parking lot for residents is accessible from the street to minimize the space occupied by cars on the ground floor and to leave room for vegetation and pedestrian traffic.

Program: 15 collective social housing units with parking and gardens
Area: 850 m² of gross floor area
Budget: 2.1 million € (excluding taxes)
Project: 2019 - 2021
Construction: 2022 - 2023
Delivery: September 2023 (expected date)
Client: Private