Biopharmaceutical laboratories — Massy

Biopharmaceutical Laboratories — Massy

STEM's R&D laboratories are located in the Massy Atlantis district, a pioneering urban development project in the development of station areas in Île de France, characterized by a diverse range of programs. The STEM laboratories building is set back from the streets to give privacy to the ground floor laboratories and allow for the creation of a garden around the building.

The east and west facades will be recessed towards the heart of the building to allow for optimal natural lighting of the workspaces and the creation of two large accessible and vegetated terraces. The facades are punctuated by solid strips with large horizontal openings. The facade structure is designed to maximize natural light, allow for great discretion from the street, and facilitate interior layout flexibility, with a regular pattern allowing for partitioning every 1.35m.

Similarly to the terraces, rooftop gardens will complete the composition and improve indoor comfort. On the ground floor are all functions related to the laboratories, directly connected to the delivery and logistics area as well as the main entrance; on the first and second floors are the offices, meeting rooms, and all support spaces.

Programme: Pharmaceutical production and research laboratories
Surface area: 6,638 m² SDP
Budget: €18.5M excl. tax
Project: 2022
Client: Private