Children's House — Bois-Guillaume


The new Children's House (MDE) is located in the town of Bois-Guillaume, near Rouen in Normandy. The new MDE is the first project to be completed within a larger urban redevelopment project in the city center, and is designed to provide a sustainable building model for the community.

The new MDE aims to harmoniously integrate into this changing landscape without imposing any "back side." For this reason, the building is developed around a circular shape. The MDE is composed of several functions: a logistics center, a municipal administrative center, an ALSH center, and a municipal office center.

The structural organization of the building is simple and rational: under a large, circular, vegetated roof, all the public and logistical functions of the MDE are housed. In the center of this circle, on the ground floor, a large patio becomes an additional open-air space and enriches the interior spaces with transparencies and light. On the roof, a rectangular volume will accommodate the administrative functions.

The structure is made of a low-carbon concrete post-slab system produced from recycling centers on the Rouen river port. The facades are made of wooden frames covered in chestnut wood.
Program: ALSH, municipal offices, logistics center
1,170 sqm SDP
Total budget:
€2.4 million excluding taxes
2019 - 2021
2021 - 2023