Hera — Champigny-sur-Marne

Hera — Champigny-sur-Marne

The Hera project is located in Champigny-sur-Marne, in the peaceful setting of the banks of the Marne, within a predominantly residential area. The project involves the energy renovation of a complex of two existing buildings housing the headquarters of IDF Habitat, the offices of Air Liquide Engineering and Construction, and the National Resistance Museum. The Val de Marne Family Allowance Fund will also be located in these premises, just a few steps away from its former office location.

Based on two office buildings built in 2005, the project proposes the landscaping of the site through the creation of an above-ground garden between the two facing buildings. This planted walkway, leading from the street to an entrance square, will connect existing spaces while offering a new outdoor space use.

Program: Energy renovation of 2 office buildings
Area: 4,608 m² SDP
Budget: €8.15M (excluding taxes)
Project: 2021-2022
Client: Private