Lumière — Aubervilliers

LUMIERE — Aubervilliers

Located in Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, this project aims to convert an industrial site into offices. Two buildings formerly housing the Piver factories will be transformed. The project proposes to open up the site by creating a public and landscaped street. This street, which runs from Pantin to Aubervilliers, will connect existing spaces while offering a new use of outdoor space.

The project also involves the integration of various programs of the ENS Louis-Lumière by reorganizing the interior spaces into flexible areas. The program is grouped into small units and spread over the different floors, leaving room for large corridors, which become places for meeting, experimentation, and filming. The facades of the existing buildings are completely restored to meet the energy criteria of RE2020. Thanks to the organization of the program, as well as energy production and facade restoration, the buildings achieve an E3/C1 energy level.

Programme: Conversion of an industrial site into offices and schools
Surface area:
9820 m² SDP
€16.5M HT